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Harmony Dental Arts, Clifton, NJ
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Harmony Dental Arts, Clifton, NJ
Hi there, Thank you for reaching Harmony Dental Arts, Is there anything i can help you with today?
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About TRIT

TRIT is an app for sharing and receiving feedback.

  • Confidential. No private information required (phone number, etc).
  • Spam-free. Each connection is like a unique virtual phone cable, no contact info can be shared. You can block contacts at any time.
  • No feedback forms. Share feedback in a live chat.
  • Free. No hidden payments. We just want to make the world a little better place.

Use cases:

  • Wherever you want to be contacted, but do not want to share your personal data.
  • When in need of confidential (or not) feedback after meetups and events in a team: just send an invitation to the group as a link or QR code.
  • If you want to get feedback from employees or clients: print the QR code and stick it to the door.